NEFT'S Story

Russian heritage, Austrian craft, enjoyed everywhere by everyone.
Our purpose
NEFT is made from water filtered for fifty years, four ancient grains of rye, and nothing else. The way we crafted it was not the expected choice, but we believe when you stay true to your values, you come out an original — and have a story to tell. So, at NEFT, we’re going to keep to the fundamentals, and let unexpected choices guide our path. Because life is a story. Make it a good one.™

Born of innovation and integrity.

Taste for the finest.

We started with the fundamentals, simple things we’d learned from our Siberian roots. We drew water from the Rhaetian Alps in Austria where slate and granite filter out the pretension. Discovered a blend of ancient rye in Lower Saxony that had been blowing in the wind for 5,000 years. And then partnered with a distiller who, for five generations, had been handcrafting rare, curated spirits and winning Distillery of the Year — a family with terroir running in their veins.

Precise formulation.

We used a gentle, slow distillation. Sipped the first batch. Tasted the softness, flavor and skill passed down over a century. It was smooth and rich, with a sweetness borne of ingredients, not sugar. Turns out, we weren’t alone in our reaction — NEFT went on to win consecutive Double Gold medals. And since we’d landed on a taste like no other, we preserved it in a shape like no other, the NEFT barrel — in honor of our grandfather, a Russian wildcatter who always knew how to tell a story.

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What we're about.

One of a kind.

The NEFT barrel is a container as unique as its taste. Showing up at your next gathering with our black or white barrel ensures conversations get going as the taste provides a smooth finish. Nothing looks like NEFT. Whether it’s beach volleyball or backcountry skiing, bass fishing, or backpacking, the NEFT unbreakable barrel goes the distance, and stays cold for up to six hours.

What's inside.

NEFT uses the finest distillation processes with the purest ingredients, starting with spring water sourced from the Austrian Alps and four non-GMO grains, resulting in a premium, varietal vodka.

Slow and steady.

NEFT does not cut corners or expedite distillation. We believe in a patient, meticulous process to guarantee that the integrity of the pristine ingredients shines through in every sip.

Life is a story. Make it a good one.

NEFT goes anywhere your story takes you — to a party, poolside, beach, in a backpack or on a cliff— due to its durable, shatterproof barrel which keeps NEFT cold for hours.

NEFT thoughts.

At NEFT we’re making for the edges of the map. In bringing to market the highest quality, small-batch vodka, we’re determined to create something unforgettable. But we can only do it by each of us creating a culture that truly cares for each other and pulls the same direction. It won’t be easy. But anything that’s worthwhile is worth fighting for. So, let’s get there together. Let’s make more than vodka — let’s write a tale worth telling. Because life is a story, so let’s make it a good one.

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